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  • Keep track of how long you are spending on tasks

    Whats new in version 1.53:
    • Fixed active Task count wrongly shown in Task Activity Reports
    • Done make dropdown task list alphabetical
    • Fixed Completed/Closed Base Task should reactivate if new Sub Task is added
    • Fixed HG started the wrong task (another task of a different name, not the most recent I selected from the menu).
    • Done contents list
    • Fixed in the box that came up, for the period, it gave me the list of tasks for that account, and nothing like This Month , This Year , etc.
    • Fixed HG started the wrong task (another task of a different name, not the most recent I selected from the menu
    • Fixed memory leak in Mac version only
    • Fixed for overnight task it is not possible add notes or change times
    • Fixed restored backup data problems when username does not match
    • Done on Timesheet screen add a filter for Accounts
    • Fixed menus missing when window re-sized
    • Fixed delete Shortcut key is working on disabled mode
    • Done ability to edit "Notes" of a task while it's still running
    • Added ability to create a time sheet over multip...

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